2023 Immersion Study

Last updated: May 12, 2023

French Dual Language Immersion Study at Foxboro and Odyssey Elementary

The Davis School District continuously evaluates programs to maximize opportunities for student growth and achievement and fiscal responsibility.

As part of this effort, the district is studying French Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs at Foxboro Elementary and Odyssey Elementary. The purpose of the study is to inform district administrators about changes that may need to be made to assure learning opportunities are provided to students in a fiscally responsible manner.

Because any decision of this nature is complex and affects so many students, a study of this nature takes a long time. We do not intend to rush the study process, nor do we anticipate readiness for any significant changes affecting the upcoming (2023-24) school year. We can confidently say that none of the possible outcomes being studied will be implemented this year or next year.

Following are aspects of the program that need further study and analysis before any decision can be made. Certainly other aspects will be added as they come up in the study process. Each of these topics warrants careful study and discussion. This will take time and require input from various key stakeholders.

  • Staffing availability and cost

  • Visas and work eligibility

  • Class size and student attrition

  • Program and enrollment trends at each school

  • Effects of possible program adjustments on school demographics

  • Transportation needs

  • Title I and other potential program designations

  • Access to special programs currently housed in schools

  • Jr. High and High School course articulation and availability through school feeder


  • Community perceptions and needs

  • Student academic and social well-being

  • School culture and climate


Tentative Timeline

Steering Committee Tentative Schedule

February 2023

  • Establish norms, expectations and meeting schedule
  • Identify the information committee will seek and process leading up to recommendation
  • Make assignments for Data Collection Phase 1

March 2023

  • Review Data from Phase 1
  • Determine Data Collection Needs for Phase 2
  • Develop survey/focus group instruments
  • Identify possible models

April 2023

  • Review Survey Data
  • Review Enrollment Data
  • Preview website layout

May 2023

  • Collect Phase 2 data
  • Analyze results of survey
  • Review collected data from Phase 3

June 2023

  • Meet to review Phase 2 & 3  data jointly
  • Identify which model will move forward as a potential option
  • Make assignments for Phase 4

September 2023

  • Meet to review all data
  • Solidify proposed models and determine remaining questions/incomplete information

October 2023

  • Committee finalizes and make recommendation to Supt. Linford (Phase 4)

December 2023

  • Begin communication and implementation planning (Phase 5)


Phased Information Collection Leading to Recommendation

Phase 1 – Study of Existing District Information

  • Enrollment trends over time and projections for future enrollment
  • Academic outcomes
  • Transportation, including current structure and possible future structures and cost
  • FTE overages over time and projected in each possible model
  • Potential staffing challenges (recruitment, retention, turnover, visas, etc.)


Phase 2 – Community and Staff Perspective

  • Gather input from school staff and parents of students
    • Representative of both DLI and non-DLI families
    • Include culture/climate considerations
    • Include personal projection” (whether they would stay or leave)
  • Could include surveys, focus groups or both


Phase 3 – Designing Possible Models and Exploring Outcome Impacts

  • Title I and other potential program designations
  • SpEd units and other special programs
  • Jr. High and High School feeder patterns
  • Staffing, class size, attrition projections, etc.


Phase 4 – Recommendation & Decision

  • Update board on process and possible outcomes
  • Make a recommendation to Superintendent Linford
  • Superintendent Linford determination of program model


Phase 5 – Communication and Implementation Planning


Intentions and Proposed Models

Since Davis School District has a strong commitment to DLI programs, enrollment and fiscal challenges can be difficult to navigate. Our intent in the study is to generate as many opportunities for French DLI instruction to students in both the Foxboro and Odyssey communities as possible without incurring unreasonable extra staffing costs or difficult enrollment challenges.

Plan A - French Immersion Remains at Both Foxboro & Odyssey

Plan B - French Immersion at Odyssey Only

Plan C - French Immersion at Foxboro Only


Staffing projections and special considerations under three models:

Copy of Foxboro/Odyssey Plan Options

View PDF version of proposed models

Current DLI enrollment at Foxboro and Odyssey

DLI Enrollment


We sincerely assure the community that no administrative decisions have been made to remove or consolidate French DLI programs at this time. We will not make any such decisions in the near future. We do intend to continue studying possible solutions to the challenges we have and commit to fully involving the community as we continue our work. 

If you have questions, please contact: 

Principal Brian Nash, Odyssey Elementary

Dr. Logan Toone, Davis School District Assistant Superintendent

Traci Robbins, Davis School District Elementary Director